SK 3D Printer Tower

I present to you the ScorpionKingdom 3D Printer Tower.

A modular 3D printer shelf I designed for my new hobby.

Made the design available if anyone wants one too.


I needed to future proof a storage solution for my existing and future 3D printers to be able to house them in a very limited space. I searched around for cheap solutions but all were fixed and very limited. A converted IKEA table or shelf was simply nothing for me. I needed something modular and dynamic which maximized the small volume I had for my new 3D printing hobby which I started at the end of 2020. The challange for me was to fit maximum amount of 3D printers within the space of roughly 890 x 720 x 2400 mm (W x D x H). I offer this information in case of anyone else looking for a way to fit their 3D printers in a modular and compact way. This is far from a 3D printer shelf on a budget, just a way for me to give something back to the maker community in case it solves any ones maker space storage problems. A lot fits within this beast. I present to you the ScorpionKingdom 3D Printer Tower.


My SK 3D Printer Tower design over at Vention

The major part of this solution is the shelves unit of the SK 3D Printer Tower. I needed a simple way to design and order the highly customized assembly online and started trying their browser based CAD-software for this. This way I could make sure to alter the design within the very limited space restraints I had to be able to fit as much as possible while still maintaining the modular and dynamic aspects I was looking for.

I have released my design for all of you to be able to order through to get your own SK 3D Printer Tower. It is also possible to make minor tweaks if needed before you place the order in case you want to make the tower taller to fit within your space limitations.

Note, this is the shelves unit and not the fully kitted version of the SK 3D Printer Tower. With that said, you can store 3D printers on this shelves unit alone. You choose which bells and whistles by adding to it from all the other features listed on this page.


In this configuration up to 4 Prusa MK3S+ will fit in total. I have started with 2 Prusa MK3S+ and and slapped my 3DPrintMill on the top shelf for now. Still undecided if I will get 2 more MK3S+ or a Prusa XL. It will hopefully fit which ever printer I end up buying in the end. Which is the true benefit of a modular non-static solution like this.

Printer enclosures for temperature and dust control

In this configuration 2 Prusa MK3S+ Acrylic Enclosure Kits with accessories like 6mm Small/Medium Top Upgrade, 3D Printer Celsius Temperature Gauge and Knurled Steel Knob for 3D Printer Enclosure Case. Works also without the 6mm top upgrade but for me it makes sense to one day be able to use the enclosures outside this shelf and still be able to put spools on top of the enclosure without worrying about it breaking under the load.

I chose to add a 3D Printer Enclosure Custom Modifications in form of adding additional height of 15mm to the bottom of all side/front/back panels. The reason for this was to be able to put a vibration isolation inside the enclosure under the printer in form of a granite paver stone. This helps tremendously with reducing the vibrations from the printer and still maintaining a low footprint under the printer.

Filament storage and dryers (RepBox and SUNLU)

I knew from the start that I somehow wanted to include the wonderful filament storage solution RepBox from Repkord. With the RepBox on top it gave me a clearance of less than 1cm to my ceiling, perfect. With the RepBox I will both be able to store up to 8 spools of filament or to directly feed them to either the top printer or into the Mosaic Palette 3 Pro (8 color) also from Repkord.

Designed custom mounts for mounting four SUNLU FilaDryer S1 to the side of the SK 3D Printer Tower. Gives a extra sense of piece to be able to dry filaments in case they have absorbed any moisture from the air.

Spool holders

By using Vention's round aluminium extrusion with collar end-stops four side spool holders were added to the Vention design.

Designed custom L-plate shields to prevent larger spools to latch onto the L-brackets of the side of the shelf.

The spool holders supports both 750g and 2300g filament spools.

I also have my own custom spool pins and end-stop if anyone does not want to go all in with a all aluminium version from Vention and instead wants to print their own.

Magnetic tool holders

Added two magnetic tool holders to hold spatula and two pliers, one tool holder for each pair of printers. At my age you only bend down once and while you are down you reach for the tools at hand. Designed custom mounts for Vention V-shaped interface in the aluminium profiles.

Network switch

Designed a custom mount for a network switch which sits under one of the center shelves which all network cables routes into.

Power strips

First off, use this sequential arrangement of power strips at you own risk. This works for me without any problems so far and this whole guide is just to show what kind of setup I have. Two long power strips into two separate power outlets might be something for you to look into if you feel like a sequential arrangement is not for you.

Cable management

After first testing with two cable drag chains I ended up ordering two 2 meter cable wiring ducts from Vention.

Designed cable clips to fit into the slot of the Vention V-shaped interface in the aluminium profiles. Which enabled for a clean way of routing and servicing cables on demand.

Also designed a cable management box under two of the shelves which sadly was not used but is available for download below in case you need to tension cables in and out of the cable box.

OctoPrint touchscreens and webcams for remote monitoring

Designed custom mounts for SmartiPi Touch 2 touchscreen case for each Raspberry Pi 4 running OctoPrint. Each OctoPrint touchscreen has a Razer Kiyo webcam connected to it for remote monitoring and is configured to switch color based on printing status to the Philips Hue Play light bar of each shelf. The touchscreen interface enables for starting/stopping prints or reprinting any previous printer job when standing next to the SK 3D Printer Tower.

Lights and switch for status on print jobs and photo booth

Designed custom mounts for Philips Hue Play light bars and placed one Play light bar facing top down on each shelf and an additional four Play light bars vertically around one of the shelves turning it into a photo booth for now. Which will also work when placing a additional printer and enclosure there.

Multi material printing

Mosaic Palette 3 Pro (8 color) from Repkord that is compatible with RepBox.

Build of materials

SK3DPrinterTower BOM

CUSTOM 3d models

This build needs custom 3D models by Scorpion to be 3D printed on your own or getting them printed using a 3D printing service. Below is a link to all available custom 3D models designed by Scorpion.

Future plans

To house either 2 new Prusa Mk3S+ or a Prusa XL (or something similar).

Add ventilation adapters to vent fumes to the outside.

Camera mount for the photo booth.

Additional cameras for Octolapse setup per printer.

Perhaps get suggestions for improvement through your help by sending me a DM on my twitter @ScorpionStream

... and for me to use and enjoy this solution in my every day 3D printing.

Using this?

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If you want to see more like this or if you want to help fund my new 3D Printing hobby my donation link is below. Of course not a requirement by no means. With more funds we can go further and give back to the maker space since this is a expensive hobby. Be sure to have "3DP" in the donation message so I know the cause.


First off a huge shoutout to my man Pooch over at Repkord for his products and for always being so helpful.

Also a special shoutout to 3D Up Fitters for kindly helping me with all my requests.

A big thank you to this list of vendors for offering their products and services to the market.



3D Up Fitters










DM me on Twitter @ScorpionStream in case you want to connect.